What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient form of Body Soul and Spirit union, with more than 20 root forms that all have the same base, but are transmitted in a varied manner.
The basis of all forms of yoga is the eight levels to which each a corresponding purpose is associated. The yoga sutras dating back 200 years is the basis of Patanjalis’ yoga and show the pathway to where harmony, inner peace, happiness and balance are achieved.

Yoga is a full body training, by which not only muscles are trained, stretch and strengthened, but also the cardiovascular and immune system profit. Yoga offers a balance to more intense sports or endurance oriented sports and takes place on the three levels of the human body the breath and the spirit. Resulting in a balance of these three.

Yoga in the method of PILATES
wiss® - Body Breath Spirit
Classical yoga is in a time of fluidity and particularly in western society influenced by many new voices of the teachers holding a wide knowledge and a varied scientific background. This living and active yoga path is creative, vital and cruicial.

Our goal is to go on this personal yoga journey with you in the form of a wide assortment of yoga teacher training workshops. With its medical focus,
PILATESwiss®   Yoga compliments our method of Pilates. As side from offering the foundation of Yoga teaching, we concentrate on offering focus on specific topics like pregnancy, rehabilitation or specific medical aliments.