Pilates 450 Hour Comprehensive

PILATESwiss® is a renowned Pilates teacher training school. You can attend the entire 450-hour pilates teacher training with us, and upon having passed and attained the PILATESwiss® documentation, register yourself with the Pilates Method Alliance to be allowed to write the PMA exam.

The PILATESwiss® 450-hour teacher-training program in Zurich takes place each year. An integral part of the program is 65 hours practice class attendance/coaching at our studio and 70 hours self-study. It is possible to start at any time by either beginning with the workshops you’ve chosen posted on our website or start with your self practice.

By beginning with your 65 hours self practice class attendance/coaching you will be well-prepared and ready to use and deepen this experience.
It is however possible to begin anytime at all with any of the required aspects: workshops, self study or coachings.

We are bilingual! All documents are available in English or German and the language of instruction is in both.

You will learn a flowing dynamic yet challenging style coming from the classical Pilates tradition. The modern focus is on the healthy alignment and activation of the core or local muscles as defined by the visceral concept of PILATESwiss®.
The use of the local muscles is of utmost importance during Pilates and increasingly a main topic in the „Pilates community“. Only when the supportive core of our bodies is healthy can we avoid injuries. You will learn specific Pilates anatomy to understand how and when a muscle is activated and then transfer this knowledge to teach on all the major classical studio machines.
The Pilates teacher training is an intense and enriching challenge for you to master.  In the methodology part of our teacher training you will develop your own personal style and the confidence to teach carefully and with a foundation of knowledge.

Mat Classical and Expert Level (small apparatus like rings rollers, balls springs and discs) sequences, alignment and recruitment of local muscles)
Visceral Core recruitment (PILATESwiss® unique breathing technique)
Alignment of special populations (Pilates specific anatomy and physiology for groups like post natal women, rehab clients or seniors)
Adjustments (corrections and the recommendation of modifications)
Method and Didactical Instruction (Your own personal teaching tools for competent teaching)
Reformer Pilates groups and personal training
Cadillac Pilates groups and personal training
Chair Pilates groups and personal training
Barrels Pilates groups and personal training
Swing Pilates groups and personal training
Special Topics (Pilates Barre Fusion or Pilates Reformer on the Mat)
You will learn how to reach and accompany your students at their individual levels. Through repeated practice you will gain a competence for teaching and corrections.

You have practiced Pilates for at least one year
You are mentally ready for the challenge of a professional teacher training and can commit the time required for this journey
You are open for personal growth and development
You are physically fit for the practical part of the program
Do you want to be an open motivating personal Pilates partner to your Pilates clients?
Then join us. It will be challenging and interesting and will represent a new chapter in “the story of you”.

Evaluations at the mandatory Reformer Exam Day as well as a written multiple choice and practice test along the way are part of this program. Aside from these evaluations, the content of PILATESwiss® Core Anatomy script, which you will receive before the start of the program, is required.

When these points have been accomplished, and the 65 hours practical training/coaching with us are confirmed, you will receive a diploma. The evaluations are only valid with a minimum 90% attendance. After which you can sit the PMA exam and begin teaching immediately.
Please be aware we take no responsibility should the Pilates Method Alliance change their conditions and requirements to sit their exam during the time of your enrolment at PILATESwiss®.

A Pilates teacher should train on Pilates machines regularly in order to immerse one’s self in Pilates. Read the script we send you and practice daily if possible. In the 65 hours practical practice/coaching, you can prepare and brush up parallel to the official workshop dates.

Mandatory Workshops

Pilates Reformer Instructor
Pilates Mat Basic Instructor
Pilates Reformer Exam

Recommended Workshops
Pilates Chair Instructor
Pilates Cadillac Instructor
Pilates Barrels Instructor
Pilates Expert Instructor
Pilates Post Natal

Alternative Workshops
Pilates Yoga Flying
Pilates Barre Fusion
Pilates Reformer on The Mat

Make sure the dates recommended work for you or choose an alternate date of that same workshop from the “Kurse und Anmeldung” link on the PILATESwiss® website. New workshop dates are added each month. If you want to plan a free of charge switch or trade of a topic from the Alternative Workshop list you can let us know upon registration. You need for example to exchange a two-day workshop for another alternate two-day workshop from the Alternate Workshop list to stay at the required 140 Class hours that are contained in attending the Mandatory and Recommended Workshops.

PILATESwiss® flagship Studio Pilates Karolina Schmid recommends and offers a sliding scale of coaching prices from private sessions to very affordable group Pilates topic classes each week, the cost of these sessions is not included in the tuition. For those traveling a great distance to coachings, we also offer the chance to count hours from the Alternative Workshops list if booked in addition to the Mandatory and Recommended Workshops.

Finally you need to prove you’ve taught 165 hours of Pilates classes in the next two years to meet the requirements of the 450 teacher training program.

Price: CHF 4,400 (instead of CHF 4,930 if you buy the workshops one at a time), including PILATESwiss® Core Visceral Anatomy Method Script and various scripts and handouts during the teacher training. Not included are the costs of the 65-practical/coaching classes. To be certified at least 90% attendance is required at these workshops.
Register at: www.pilateswiss.ch
Have you already taken Pilates workshops with Karolina Schmid over the years? You can have these hours recognised towards your self-practice/coaching class hours. Are you already a certified Pilates teacher? You can join the individual workshop topics listed in the schedule as continuing education days if you don’t wish to do the complete 450-hour program again.

Karolina Schmid 
Yoga Teacher Trainer. E-RYT500 and Pilates method Alliance PMA certified. Educational Director Pilateswiss owner Pilates Karolina Schmid

Klara Wilke
Owner Powerqi Studios. Yoga and Pilates teacher trainer Yoga alliance certified.

Dr. Jeannette Munzinger Petrich
Yoga Teacher, Surgeon, owner Gelenk Zentrum Zurich

Joannie Von Ritter Zahony
Pilates and Yoga Teacher trainer. Graduate ETH sports science

Simone Nabholz
Pilates Teacher Trainer, Personal Trainer, Dancer